Sunday, March 26, 2017

Quadcopter selection and status update

The most notable update of the week is that I received my quadcopter in the mail. This is the quadcopter that I've initially chosen to build my wireless charger for, the SYMA X8C:

There were two broad criteria for my selection of this specific quadcopter:
1.) Cost: This is fairly self explanatory. As someone unfamiliar with quadcopters, I wanted to get a basic ready-to-fly no-frills quadcopter that was still reliable.
2.) Applicability for the given kit: Last time I took some key specifications for the wireless charging kit. Here are the two important numbers that drove my quadcopter selection
Power: 10W output
Weight: ~45 grams. I estimated this as 60 grams to include the weight of the board I'll be additing.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Off the Clock Design Kickoff: Books, Catalogs, Kit Specs, and Project Outline

Hello everyone! Last week I was selected to participate in Wurth Electronic(WE) Midcom's Off the Clock Design Challenge which is a 12-week design contest involving constructing a product around a 15W wireless inductive charging kit. I will be posting throughout the duration of this contest to make updates on my project status while also discussing technologies that I use at various levels, including principles of operation, design approach, and societal impact.

The contest officially kicked off for me on Monday morning when I received a package from WE that was quite a bit larger and than expected. Here's what I got: